18 April 2014

Urban interventions

The way people intervene in the city they live in tells a lot about the underlying issues going on. It is a good exercise to look at things from a new point of view, as it is possible to find beauty everywhere. 

3 April 2014

A really awesome shop

The traditional shop "A Vida Portuguesa" (it means: the portuguese life) opened last summer its second space in Lisbon. Even more beautiful than the first one. Filled with old and new products, all made in Portugal. Love it. Bought one basket, already dreaming with long beach days ahead...

1 April 2014

Craft projects on the way

1 - My brave attempt to make a hand-sewn hexagon quilt (as there seems to be no other proper way to do it), begun almost one year ago . Will I ever finish this? 

2 - A recent urge to do some Spring redecorating, without spending too much money, lead me to consider re-upholstering some of the chairs and pillows. Lighter colours, quieter patterns... Need to go on a fabric hunt soon.

4 - A very good friend send me a birthday-present-package with beautiful things. Inside this package I found (amongst other items) some really awesome pieces of kimono silk and lots of really pretty origami paper. Fuel for new projects! Thank you dear I.. 

31 March 2014

Whishlist: Green Boots

Lovely. For sale here and here.

Mending experiences on a rainy afternoon

I recently improvised some patches in two favourite cashmere cardigans - inspired by this blog and by many other 'mending experts' who have pinned their mending solutions online and are now a part of my 'mending/darning' board.  It turned out pretty neat!

These cardigans are for 'home use only', worn on a daily basis to avoid freezing in these 'not-so-warm-portuguese-homes'. 

(I dream of central heating every winter day...!)

30 March 2014

Today 3 things caught my attention

1- The grafitty on this wall made me think... why do we need so much? 

2 - Came across a second hand bookstore and went inside for the first time. It sells mostly books and magazines, but also antiques, stamps and other items. A whole world to explore. Will be back with more time to browse carefully through the shelves.

3 - On my way back, these yummy strawberry cookies caught my eye - they looked absolutely divine. Resisted to buy some (so proud).

Whishlist: ladak blanket

I want one. So beautiful. Found here.

28 March 2014

Knitted memories

My grandmother loved to knit. Unfortunatly I never got the chance to learn from her, except for some basic crochet. Recently I found 4 shawls she made and decided to keep them. I remember she'd wear them in winter, while she was at home.

(caught Mia trying to nap ON the pile of shawls and, after being evicted, this was where she chose to lounge...)

27 March 2014

Recently enjoyed things

1 - Getting back to our city walks after months of rain. They were missed. So many new things to explore...

2 - Celebrating a special day with a very special chocolate cake :-) in the best possible company.

3 - Recently developing a 'tiles-addiction' lead me to create a new board (here) dedicated solely to this portuguese art.

4 - Enjoying sunny breaks reading/sketching on the grass with J and friends (I sort of got this 'holiday feeling' for a tiny moment...)

25 March 2014

A beautiful mural in a new place in town

A new restaurant opened in Chiado and J was commissioned to paint a mural there. Its simply beautiful. A lot of work but an awesome result!

Be sure to check it out [here] and to try the vegetarian burger (its deliciiiious).

21 March 2014

How I missed Spring!

A blissful one hour walk downtown was all it took to improve my day. How different  the vibe of this city in Spring... welcome-welcome-welcome!