20 July 2014

Nibbling here and there

Trying out new places, in different company, along these last months: lounging with V. and J at"Lost in India", drinking tea at Starbucks Cafe (inside Rossio Train Station), ice cream tasting at "Conchanata" with a few old friends,  mother's day lunch at "Darwin" and a veggie burger at "Honoratos" after a long, long day. 


Celebration. 70 summers. Many more to come. A family+friends gathering. The beauty of Alentejo. The long days of June. A happy birthday.

30 June 2014

Goodbye cinema "Londres"

I knew this cinema was closed down (it was sold to become another chinese shop... sigh...) but seeing its parts being taken down made me really nostalgic. 

28 May 2014

Instants IV

Almost one month went by since my last post. Where did all these days go?
Spring comes and goes, workdays and weekends equally full and very few moments to enjoy a leisured walk with my faithful camera.
These photos were taken on a random weekend, somewhere in the middle of May, when we walked soooo much that we ended up sitting for a long while on a stone block, at the entrance of the natural history museum... before we were able to finally go back home!

1 May 2014

A well deserved break

A day spent at home: organising things, listening to music, reading a good book. A peaceful day.

23 April 2014

Tiles and Tools

Gathering more inspiration from old tiles. Most of them cover the walls of crumbling buildings in the historic part of the city.

Lovely vintage pieces in a tiny shop downtown. Window shopping walk last weekend. 

20 April 2014

Instants I

1 - The confy chair of a street vendor in the book market downtown.

2 -  A glimpse of blue sky over our heads.

3 - Attention caught by an interesting photo. Cool place.

5 - Cool cat owner and her funky cat.

6 - Overcrowded electrical wires, full of pigeons sitting side by side. As they should.